Bible Study Class
7.45pm at the Hall
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Our Bible Study Class is a time we can come together to consider and discuss God's word.

The Bible Study Class is generally held on alternate Thursdays in our Hall and begins at 8pm. 

Topics for consideration are listed below and all are welcome to join us.

Reading and understanding God's word, the Bible, is important. 'Learn to read the Bible effectively' courses are available (free of charge) to help your study.

Further free information, to show that there are good reasons why you should consider looking at the Bible, is available on the 'The Evidence - you decide' website.


Thursday Bible Study
1 November 18 Prophecy of Malachi - Man and his times
15 November 18 Prophecy of Malachi - His message
29 November 18 Speaker's choice
13 December 18 Online presentation