The Christadelphians are a religious group who base their beliefs wholly on the Bible, regarding it as fully inspired by God. The name "Christadelphian", meaning "Brothers in Christ", was first used in the mid-1800s, but we believe that there have been people who share our beliefs throughout history. We are confidently waiting for Christ to return to earth when He will set up the Kingdom of God.

The Swindon Christadelphian Hall was built and completed in 1936 on Eastcott Hill, where we continue to meet for our Sunday morning service, Bible talks, Bible Study Class, Sunday School and family days. We call our church an 'Ecclesia' which is Greek for 'church'. You will find both terms used interchangeably on our website.

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Members are meeting in the meeting hall and on Zoom.

Sunday Breaking of Bread service is at 10:30.

Sunday Bible talk is at 12:30 - 14 May 2023 - The reality of The Kingdom of God
(Please note that Bible talk topics may change without notice.)

Tuesday Bible foundation class is at 19:30 - 25 April 2023 - Genesis chapter 42.

Thursday Bible study class is at 20:00 - 27 April 2023 - Simeon and Levi.

We pray for the Lord Jesus Christ to come and establish our Heavenly Father's Kingdom on Earth.